Writing excuse: I’m too busy writing!

This blog is something I think about–either late at night waking to the moon and communing a while, but not moving from under the comforter (there’s a reason it’s called that… ahhh, downy delight!); or about 9:00 in the morning when I have an hour before Debbie comes to work and we all show up in the PeerSpirit office to check in and start a different kind of business day… And I won’t let myself derail into blogging when I have so many other demands of my time.

At the moment, this is a legitimate excuse: I am writing my first e-course, consisting of 12 carefully crafted emails and once the course activates an hour+ a day in an on-line writing community practice circle where we all get to share our reaction to the suggestions and exercises embedded in the e-mails.


I’m having fun doing this–and several hundred people are signed up so far… And the blog will continue once I get this loaded and into the world. There is the creative practice of making a point and coming up with a fun exercise in less than 1000 words… and then there is the fun of being in the Practice Circle with people, engaged with all of us reStorying our lives together.

I’ll let you know, next month, how it’s going, and if you read this in a timely fashion: sign up here: https://peerspirit.com/writing-workshop-dates.html#restorying…

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