PeerSpirit Writing Workshops

We offer a number of  Writing Events throughout the year that are open to the public:

with Christina Baldwin

Aldermarsh (photo by Kristie McLean)

We incorporate stringent COVID protocols for all of our seminars. Given the small group, communal nature of this setting, we ask that all participants be fully vaccinated. Christina can answer any questions and address any concerns you may have.


Spring: April 27 – May 3, 2022

Winter: December 1 – 7, 2022

All Self as the Source sessions will be held at the Aldermarsh Retreat Center on Whidbey Island in Washington state.

This remarkable 5-day seminar is designed for people ready to move beyond the unstructured creativity of journal writing to tackle a portion of their life experience by writing memoir, autobiography, essay or fiction.

“Inside I know I will never be the same since that beautiful week. For the first time, I am thinking of myself as a writer.”
–Jeanie Robinson, Self as Source participant

Session topics include: articulation, metaphoric reality, and structures of creative nonfiction, writing about time, place, self, and others. The seminar is held within a circle that invites conversation, supportive critique, open reading and celebrations of the word.

Christina Baldwin

Christina has taught this course for more than twenty years, and dozens of books have been published by former students. The seminar is open to both men and women at varying levels of experience. Held in a serene retreat setting, this is a special time to honor your creativity and experience exponential growth in your writing capacities.




“Writing has opened up the window to my soul and given me the voice that I have been seeking. Thanks so much for assisting me on my journey.”
— Dianne McCoy, Winnipeg, Author, Story Coach and Speaker



Aldermarsh Retreat Center

LOCATION: The Aldermarsh Retreat Center on Whidbey Island in Washington state.

Aldermarsh has been PeerSpirit’s teaching home for many years. A warm and welcoming place, Aldermarsh comprises several buildings (including a dedicated teaching space), as well as a wetland area with tall trees (the alder marsh), a field with a medicine wheel, and beautifully maintained gardens.

COST: $1695.00 includes tuition, lodging, and all meals. A $500.00 deposit is due upon registration. An early-bird registration discount of $50 is available – please inquire.

REGISTRATION: Class size limited to 10-12. Writers at various stages of project development and confidence welcome. Register through the PeerSpirit office.

with Christina Baldwin

Next Session: This workshop is generally offered once a year, in early spring. It is organized in collaboration between Christina and a group of 6-8 writers who are ready to take their work to the next level. If you’re interested, please contact our office to discuss your current project.

LeAnnWritingSelf as Source Alumni Group is an opportunity to revisit the content of this fine memoir class now that alumni writers are deep enough into their projects to have encountered the challenges that were theoretical at the beginning.

This seminar is an opportunity for long, uninterrupted periods of writing, interspersed with creative and problem solving sessions using one another’s manuscripts as mutual learning tools.

DATES: At this point, we don’t have plans to offer this seminar in spring 2022. Watch this space and subscribe to our newsletter for any updates.

LOCATION: Strawbridge Farm, Langley, Whidbey Island, Washington.

REGISTRATION: Limited to alumni of Self as the Source.

COST: Cost includes tuition, lodging (single rooms), and all meals. The total cost of the seminar will be $1200 – $1400, depending on venue. A $400.00 deposit is due upon registration. Please inquire and register through the PeerSpirit office.

with Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea at the Whidbey Institute

Whidbey Island, WA  USA

Labyrinth at the Whidbey Institute

Celebrate the change of the seasons by joining Christina and Ann for an afternoon of creative writing in the beauty of Whidbey Island. With Christina’s passion for story and Ann’s deep stewardship of wilderness, participants will experience the joyful connections between soul and the natural world.

Writers will immerse themselves in gentle exploration of the island’s forests, reflective journal writing, and sharing councils of insight.

This workshop is open to men and women of all levels of writing experience. Just bring a blank book and a willingness to begin!


LOCATION: The Whidbey Institute, Whidbey Island, Washington


We at PeerSpirit are open to both self-sponsoring and offering writing seminars through the sponsorship of other organizations and venues. Please contact us to discuss possibilities.