Mentoring with Christina Baldwin

Spiritual Practice for Times Like These:

In the midst of life’s relentless invitations to rush and distraction, we are responsible for creating space, grace, and guidance in our daily lives. Within or outside of traditional faith structures, Christina helps you shape the rituals, reflections, and interactions that provide a spiritual frame for living daily life.

CB-StandingPairThis mentoring is based on Christina’s book, The Seven Whispers, A Spiritual Practice for Times Like These, and her audio series Lifelines.

Write Coaching:

“Christina mirrors my Self to myself. She has the uncanny ability to help me explore mental and spiritual territory I would not recognize or venture into alone.” –private client

“Although I was a long-time writing teacher and writer, I had never written ‘a book’. When I finished my second draft, I realized I needed the support of a professional. Christina helped me:

  • Find my audience
  • Write in my voice
  • Develop an overall structure

The experience was life-changing.” — S.M., Self as Source participant and mentoring client

So, you want to write…. Christina offers guidance and practical support for managing your writing life, especially managing to fit writing into an already busy life! She knows the writing world and the publishing business, provides editorial response to work in progress, can help prepare book proposals, manuscripts, and coaching in the author life.

This mentoring is based on Life’s Companion, Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice and Storycatcher, Making Sense of our Lives through the Power and Practice of Story.

It is especially appropriate after experiencing The Self as the Source of the Story seminar.

Life Direction and Design:

“There is no road… we make the road as we walk… “

CB-SittingPairChristina has been making her road as a self-employed visionary since 1968.  Her highly original books and group processes challenge mainstream thought while being applied in mainstream settings. She understands the need to incorporate spirit and provide income for herself as a small business owner. If you have similar dreams, let Christina’s counsel help you design a sustainable life path.