Writing and Story

The lives we live are based on the stories we tell; and the stories we tell build the world we live in.


Oral story-telling is embedded in circle training and consulting where story serves as the heart of communication practices. Knowing one another’s story is an essential element to building community, team cohesiveness, and shared purpose. Christina lectures on the Power of Story, and offers related conference breakout sessions.

As published authors, Ann and Christina share a passion for the written word and are gifted in helping other writers achieve their goals of self-expression.  Our offerings range from half-day journal writing sessions, to longer seminars devoted to study of memoir; as well as mentoring writers who have attended the Self as the Source workshop. The writing seminars and workshops offered through PeerSpirit are designed to support people who write to fulfill their creative longings.

“Every person is born into life as a blank page – and every person leaves life as a full book. Story is the narrative thread of our experience – not what literally happens, but what we make out of what happens, what we tell each other and what we remember.”
From Storycatcher


PeerSpirit writing seminars include:

We are open to offering writing seminars through the sponsorship of other organizations and venues. Contact the PeerSpirit office for more information.