Christina and Storycatching

Christina writing in her journal

Once upon a time a girl called Chrissie was inspired to keep a diary. She took a school notebook of blank pages and hid in the family’s basement writing 14-year-old secrets and breaking the silence that surrounded the early 1960s. Her life-long practice of reflective writing has led Christina Baldwin to a pioneering body of work as a leader in understanding the power of story to organize life experience.

She began teaching journal seminars in her mid-twenties, and at thirty-one, her first book on journal writing created a new category in the Library of Congress. Her career focused on helping other writers claim their life narratives and craft creative nonfiction. She spoke and consulted on the power of story to influence health care, education, and community building.

While retired from business life, she continues to write—private pages, blogs, and books. As the world has shifted into “all story all the time,” she advocates for the return to quiet corners, a breath and a prompt that leads to the pen on page or fingers on the keyboard. She knows when people are momentarily freed from noise and distraction, the true stories of personal life rise to articulation.

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Books Christina has authored, along with many of her journals