The Twins

The doe and her two twin fawns are regular visitors in our yard this summer. The other day I had returned from kayaking and left the kayak in the back yard to dry off—not its usual resting place.

My kayak in the backyard

My kayak in the backyard

Ten minutes later I had changed clothes and gone into our office in the backyard to complete some work. Within minutes the two fawns came out of the shrubbery behind the kayak and literally stopped in their tracks.

the twin fawns

the twin fawns

Cautiously the spotted pair walked up to the boat—taking a few steps, staring, lifting their noses into the air. Curious. Cautious. But mostly curious.

One of them stood near the bow of the boat. The other stepped near the cockpit, stared, and sniffed some more. Finally, the one near the bow of the boat lowered his head and began licking the water off the boat! Then the other one began doing the same thing.

Imagine, now I have a boat that has been licked by fawns!

The curiosity of young creatures is truly one of life’s great gifts. Watching them from inside the office about 10 feet away, our office manager, Debbie, and I also stopped in our tracks. Nothing mattered in the moment except our curiosity about what the fawns would do next.

Our little office is surrounded by nature: deer, hummingbirds, even an eagle came to sit in the Doug fir that towers over the yard. But I notice this is true for city-dwellers as well: helping mallards to find a safe pond, supporting peregrine falcons to nest on skyscrapers, carrying a spider outside in a paper cup. We love to be “interrupted” and called to our sense of wonder.

Berries from our garden—Summer blessings from my house to yours!

Berries from our garden—Summer blessings from my house to yours!







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  1. Linda Bosley
    Linda Bosley says:

    Reading your post was like watching a movie unfold. It gave me such a visual sense of watching the fawns with you and I just love the thought of them ‘Christening’ your kayak! Those berries sure look yummy too! Have a lovely day!

  2. Jude Rathburn
    Jude Rathburn says:

    It continues to amaze me how these gentle creatures keep showing up. How wonderful that you were able to stop and notice their presence – and share your story with us. Blessings for your summer, too.


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