The Circle Way

The Circle Way fosters skillful capacity to lead from your own chair…


The Circle Way is a body of work combining ancient lineage and modern social technology into a refined, lightly structured group process designed by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea. The two founders taught, applied and evolved this work in a world-wide 25-year writing and teaching cycle.

Moving from a founders-held to a community-held model, The Circle Way is now in the capable hands of next generation practitioners. It is expanding into corporations, non-profit and NGO boards, education, healthcare, community activism, and religious communities as a highly applicable form of collaborative governance.

PeerSpirit’s Circle Way resources have been transferred to

  • For information about upcoming Circle Way trainings, click here.
  • For teaching colleagues/Circle Way practitioners, go here.
  • For Circle Way resources, including basic teaching guidelines that have been translated into several languages, visit The Circle Way Resources page.
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  • For connection into the network and starting a circle – more than 600 practitioners from around the world are united through a Facebook group, where they share circle news, stories, and questions that help them reflect and deepen their practice. To join, click this link, and then, in Facebook, click the green Join Group button.

Christina and Ann’s co-authored book, The Circle Way, A Leader in Every Chair, has been translated into German, Korean and Dutch. It is available in ebook and paperback form through Amazon and via the publisher, Berrett-Koehler. See a description with links to purchase here.

Christina’s foundational book, Calling the Circle, The First and Future Culture, is also available. Read about it here.

At the end of each of their Circle trainings, Christina and Ann would gift participants with Christina’s handout, Circle in the Heart of Stone. To download a copy, click here.