PeerSpirit Newsletter – The Owl and the Tree
October 2017


Dear Friends of PeerSpirit,

Christina and Ann had a wonderful trip to Germany for the Global Circle Way Fire Gathering, followed by a wet and windy week in Ireland. This month’s newsletter summarizes their experience in Germany.

The Global Circle Way Fire Gathering

by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea

Participants of the Global Circle Way Fire Gathering (photo by Alper Tenguz)

Roswitha Vesper and Holger Scholz (photo by Christina Baldwin)

We have just returned from a combined professional/personal trip to Europe. The heart of our journey was the Fire Gathering of the Circle Way hosted in the Eifel countryside near Cologne, Germany by our dear colleagues Holger Scholz and Roswitha Vesper of Kommunikationslotsen. As founders of The Circle Way process, we were part of the hosting team for this four-day gathering, along with Katharine Weinmann, Circle Way board member from Edmonton, Alberta.

Christina and Ann welcoming participants (photo by Holger Scholz)

Our intention was: To grow our confidence and competence in how we practice, teach, and learn from one another; to connect with one another, discover the scope of the work, and expand the possibilities. 

Center (photo by Ann Linnea)

Regarding this intention we were happy to see:

There are some incredibly talented people carrying on The Circle Way work! At one of the opening sessions we asked for a show of hands of people born before 1950. Only the two of us raised our hands! Doing the demographics, we were delighted to see how many 20 and 30 and 40 year-olds were present. The work is being capably carried on by the next generation.

During an afternoon story council, we heard 15 examples of circle work in Deutsche Telekom, Lufthansa Airlines, business and families in the Netherlands, the European Commission, French accounting firms, a Finnish political gathering, universities in Canada and the U.S., and many more.

We were pleased to have ten countries represented, and to know many others who were not able to attend, but who are also doing wonderful work in and with Circle.

When we left, plans were put in place for a German Practicum next May, for developing a Practicum in France, and for the release of a Dutch translation of The Circle Way.

Barbara Winter (photo by Alper Tenguz)

Another gift of this week was the opportunity to meet and fully include Barbara Winter, a leader from the other clan of The Circle Way. This clan was started by Manitonquat Medicine Story. Coming from American indigenous roots, Medicine Story, now 88 years old, and his wife/partner Ellika Linden, have also spent their lives writing books and booklets, hosting events and building communities. Their emphasis focuses on circle to clear communication within the self, then within the home/family, then within community.



While the inadvertent use of an identical name has caused some confusion, as both bodies of work are growing, it has also brought us the blessing of discovering one another and the core value shared “to reignite the circle in the world.” To see the next generation of our work, go to and to see the communities of Medicine Story, go to

This co-learning field greatly inspired us. It is no small thing that the European community with all of its language and cultural differences in a relatively small geographical area is working to dialogue with one another. The conversations are not always easy, but they are happening. We are grateful for whatever ways The Circle Way can be helpful to those conversations.


Sitting in circle (photo by Holger Scholz)

We returned home via a week in Ireland (see Ann’s blog: The Perspective of Time). Now we are back on Whidbey, where the rains are returning and the leaves of the maple trees are colorful amid the tall firs. We remain determined to find ways that we can continue to contribute respectful dialogue into the challenges of our own country.

(photo by Holger Scholz)


Alex, the horse, participating in his own special way, at the Global Circle Way Fire Gathering… (photo by Yaisa Gottenbos)