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In addition to being authors, Christina and Ann are also thoughtful and engaging speakers. Following are some of their interviews and podcasts. And at the bottom of this page is a link to reading guides to some of their titles.


Widening Circles – the Healing Circles Lineage (5-Part Webinar Series)

Calling the Circle: A Leader in Every Chair (Part 1)

An Interview with Diana Lindsay, Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea
April, 2021

Healing Circles Langley grew out of founders Diana and Kelly Lindsay’s intersection with The Circle Way, Commonweal, and their desire to provide a safe space for people to explore the nature of healing in whatever trauma, illness, or challenge life presented. The small, homey center at the edge of the village quickly became a hub of community counsel, staffed by skilled volunteer facilitators. Other cities picked up their pattern and soon the idea evolved into Healing Circles Global. In the past 18-months  the pandemic fostered exponential growth of on-line circles. These dialogues honor the foundational traditions of Healing Circles.

Click here to link to Christina and Ann’s interview, and link here to access the full series that includes Parker Palmer (Center for Courage and Renewal), Michael Lerner (Commonweal), and Diana Lindsay (Healing Circles Global), followed by a panel discussion with all of them.

In Conversation with Christina Baldwin

A Podcast with Sheila Bender and Christina Baldwin
Winter 2019

Sheila Bender, author, poet, writing instructor, and founder of the website, Writing It Real, interviewed Christina at the end of 2019. They discussed Christina’s writing journey from her early journaling years to her current projects.

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Visit Sheila’s website, Writing It Real to learn more about her, her online classes and the books she’s authored, and sign up for her newsletter.


Why Keep Writing in the Age of Text and Tweet?

Telechat between Christina Baldwin and Lynda Monk of the IAJW (International Association for Journal Writing)

“Whatever happened to reflection? Everywhere I look people are hunched over devices and thumb typing bits and bytes or scrolling through newsfeeds or Instagram making hearts and comments. Me too—AND I invite us to remain committed to telling ourselves the longer story of our lives because we are the only ones tending that narrative, and that narrative is the rock we stand on for making every decision and setting direction.”

In this telechat Christina and Lynda Monk delve into the importance of attaching to oneself through journaling, making meaning of our stories, and being responsible for our own meaning-making.

Listen to the interview here.


Christina Baldwin: Breathing in Full Sentences: Journal Writing as a Spiritual Practice (a podcast with Rebecca Kochenderfer of Journaling.com)

This interview between Christina and Rebecca Kochenderfer, Journaling.com‘s founder and host, explores various practices (flow writing, collage, using dialogue) that Christina uses in her journaling life. She describes journaling as a spiritual practice, and provides insights and steps to connect with one’s deeper inner life.

“The deeper self is always talking to us; it’s just that we aren’t always listening. The act of writing slows us down to the pace of listening so that we can receive insight and guidance.”

Christina Baldwin

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Christina Baldwin: The Creative Spirit and Connection: The Power of Circles (podcast)

In this podcast, Christina talks with Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon, host of the Unity Online radio show, “Creative Spirit: Connecting Art and Soul“. Rev. Maggie is an ordained Unity minister, the author of 6 books, as well as the former editor of 3 national magazines. She has been exploring the creative spirit both personally and professionally for many years. Her radio show explores the profound and powerful ways creative expres­sion can deepen spiritual connection. Listen Now >>

Christina Baldwin: The Life Purpose of a Spiritual Storyteller (podcast)

In this podcast, Christina is interviewed by Angie Swartz, Founder of Life Purpose Advisor. Angie’s mission is to empower people to find their life purpose through knowing themselves, incorporating daily practices and transforming their bodies. Angie’s Life Purpose Advisor Podcast asks spiritual leaders and difference makers the deep questions around living a life of purpose, meaning and joy. Listen now >>

Christina Baldwin: The Power of Journaling

In this interview between Christina and Ruth Folit, founder of IAJW (International Association for Journal Writing), they discuss the power of journaling, how to move forward when stuck, tips for new journal writers, recent epiphanies about writing, and more. This interview is a part of a series Ruth created called “Celebrate Journal Writing!” – where she interviewed 9 journal-writing luminaries. Listen now >>

Christina Baldwin: Teaching

Christina talks with Jennifer Louden as a guest on Jennifer’s “Teach Now” series. Christina speaks about her introduction to teaching, how to open the teaching space to what wants to emerge, preparing to enter and leave teaching space, self-care, addressing self-doubt and how to get out of your own way.
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Christina Baldwin: New Storytellers Series

In this podcast, Michael Margolis (of Get Storied) interviewed Christina as part of The New Storytellers series. They discuss self-reflection as a leadership and storytelling practice, and explore the role of narrative as the basis for life transformation.
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Video & Slideshow

Ann Linnea: Keepers of the Trees (Video)

Watch a short video of author Ann Linnea introducing Keepers of the Trees: A Guide to Re-Greening North America:

Ann Linnea: Keepers of the Trees (slideshow)

Ann Linnea introduces images and concepts from her book,  Keepers of the Trees.

Reading Guides

Following are reader guides for a few of our titles, to be used with book groups, study groups, etc.