PeerSpirit Newsletter Archive

Following are the PeerSpirit newsletters Christina and Ann have written since 2016. These newsletters were written after Christina and Ann passed the Circle work on to a devoted group of volunteers who created The Circle If you are looking for one of the many Circle Tales written over the past several years, you can find them on the Resources page of The Circle Way’s website, under “Circle Stories”.

2019 Newsletters

January 2019 – Winds of Change
April 2019 – Re-Storying, Re-Emergence and Resilience

2018 Newsletters

December 2018 – The Unseen World Around Us
November 2018 – It Takes a Village (A Tribute to Leo Baldwin)
September 2018 – Love Thy Neighbor
June 2018 – Where is Democracy?
April 2018 – Why Travel?
March 2018 – We Need Citizen Prepared Responsiveness in a Whole Lot of Situations
January 2018 – Looking Back/Looking Forward

2017 Newsletters

October 2017 – The Global Circle Way Fire Gathering
September 2017 – The Importance of the American 2017 Total Solar Eclipse
May 2017 – Why We are Going Back to Europe…
March 2017 – Keeping Busy
February 2017 – Finding the Blue Bead

2016 Newsletters

March 2016 – The PeerSpirits are Sprouting
May 2016 – Can You See Anything Positive About This?
June 2016 – A Fond Farewell
August 2016 – Being a Responsible Traveler
September 2016 – Maintaining Peaceful Personal Space
October 2016 – Light and Shadow – Eye to Eye
December 2016 – Listening by the Hearth