Along with the books you can find in our Store, we offer these additional resources.

Christina’s 2-page handout for the global Story the Future Summit is linked below.

Our email newsletter – The Owl and the Tree – is sent out bi-monthly and contains a blog post or essay by either Ann or Christina.   Topics range from environmental activism to writing; grandmothering to topical musings on Whidbey Island life and in the world. You can subscribe in the box on the right hand side of this page.

Christina and Ann each write a blog, and you can subscribe to those postings as well.

There are reading guides for some of our titles that can be downloaded and used for book or study groups.

Note: Previously our e-newsletter focused primarily on the Circle Way work. Archived Circle Tales are now housed on The Circle Click here to see them. While most of the Circle Way-related resources have been transferred over to The Circle, we have kept a video illustrating Christina & Ann’s legacy of Circle work, and will be adding a page to our site describing the history and legacy of The Circle Way.

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