Along with our books, we offer these additional resources.

  • Our email newsletterThe Owl and the Tree – is sent out quarterly and contains an essay by Ann and Christina.  Topics range from environmental activism to writing; grandmothering to topical musings on life on Whidbey Island and in the world. You can subscribe in the box on the right hand side of this page.
  • Christina and Ann each write a blog, and you can subscribe to those postings as well.
  • There are reading guides for some of our titles that can be downloaded and used for book or study groups.
  • Christina and Ann are both engaging speakers, and we’ve posted links to some of their interviews and podcasts here.

Note: Previously our e-newsletter focused primarily on the Circle Way work. Archived Circle Tale newsletters are now housed on The Circle Other Circle Way-related resources (booklets, Basic Circle Guidelines, Pocket Guide to Calling a Circle, etc.) have also been transferred over to The Circle Please visit their site to get information about these resources as well as Circle Way trainings and practitioners.

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