PeerSpirit Wilderness Quests

Are you seeking to mark a transition in your life? To reconnect with your inner wisdom? To clarify a life situation? To learn from nature?  We invite you to join us in a wilderness quest. Sacralized time in deep nature, the experience of “questing” is a heritage sourced from humanity’s Indigenous roots. We honor those who have held onto and reintroduced this tradition despite all attempts by dominant culture to eradicate such powerful ceremony.

In respectful, multi-cultural awareness, we prepare as a community to observe 3 days of fasting and ceremony. Combining an immersion into the natural world with the support of community and time for solitude, a wilderness quest is a powerful way to take the next step in your life. Our photo gallery from past quests will give you a sense of the landscape and the people who come questing with us.

Skalitude Valley

If you have questions about registration, travel logistics, etc., or have specific questions about the nature of questing please contact Ann via email at

We ask that all questers be vaccinated against COVID 19. We incorporate stringent COVID protocols for all of our seminars. Ann can address any concerns you may have.


May 31 – June 8, 2022

Skalitude Retreat Center
Eastern Washington, USA

2022 will mark the thirteenth time PeerSpirit has offered this wilderness fast for both men and women. If you are seeking to mark a transition in your life, to reconnect with your inner wisdom, or to clarify a life situation, we invite you to join us in the beautiful forested lands of the eastern Cascade Mountains. Using Skalitude‘s off-the-grid retreat center as a base camp, the group will prepare for a 72-hour solo by learning  traditional quest practices of wilderness solitude, fasting, council, and ceremony.

Participants will provide their own equipment (list provided) for the solo time. All food will be provided. No prior camping experience is required. Hiking and other movement at this 3,000 ft. elevation will not be strenuous, though you must be healthy enough to camp during solo time.

About the Guides:

Ann at Skalitude

Ann Linnea of PeerSpirit is a wilderness guide with four decades of experience. Through a lifetime of wilderness work and bringing the wisdom of council into the mainstream, Ann has developed a deep-seated belief that true, internal, systemic change is facilitated by extended immersion in the natural world in the creative company of peers. Ann is a certified Wilderness First Responder and a member of the Wilderness Guides Council.

Deb and Christina


Christina Baldwin is a guide to the inner life through journal writing and personal story. She is passionate about nature, wildness, and helping people sit with the earth and receive instruction, inspiration, and direction. She and Ann co-founded PeerSpirit circling, which, along with the quest’s own ancient ceremonies, will provide the social and spiritual container for the journey of these days.

Deborah Greene-Jacobi has been an educator and mentor for over 35 years. A passionate wilderness guide, Deb is inspired by the transformative power of the wilderness as a mirror of our own deepest human nature. Her passion now is in guiding earth-based practices and wilderness rites of passage for older teens and adults. Deb has trained with the School of Lost Borders, is certified as a Wilderness First Responder, and is a member of the Wilderness Guides Council. She is also a member of EarthWays, a collective of wilderness guides in Sonoma County, California.


Cascadia Questers 2019

DATES: May 31 – June 8, 2022

LOCATION: Skalitude Retreat Center, located on the eastern slope of the Cascade Mountains near Carlton, WA (Driving time from Seattle is 4.5 hours and from Spokane, 3.5 hours)

COST: $1400.00 US. A non-refundable $500 deposit is due at the time of registration. Quest costs include nine days of guiding; five homemade dinners, breakfasts, and lunches (except for 3-day solo); lodging pre- and post- solo time; and pre- and post- trip consultation.

We are aware that people have differing economic bases and will consider scholarship or reduced fee upon request. 

REGISTRATION: Generally limited to a small group of participants, both men and women, age 21 and over.  We require that questers be fully vaccinated against COVID 19. We’ll be taking registrations after January 1, 2022. To get more information, please contact Ann via the PeerSpirit office.

Special note to repeat questers: People who have already participated in the Cascadia Quest more than two times may register their interest in returning. They will be contacted after March 15, 2022, if space is available. No deposits necessary.

For photos from previous Cascadia Quests, see our Gallery page.