PeerSpirit Wilderness Quests

Meadow at Skalitude

Farewell to the Cascadia Quest

Deb, Christina and Ann in the kitchen at Skalitude

Ann Linnea, Christina Baldwin, and Deb Greene-Jacobi have guided people through rites of passage and reflection on the lands of Skalitude Retreat Center in Carlton, WA for 11 years. We are proud and humbled to have been entrusted with this experience, to have worked so beautifully together, to have come through this annual ceremony with our own unshakable friendships, and to watch deep transformation in so many people.

This year we have come to the tender-hearted conclusion that we are complete and will no longer offer the wilderness fast known as “Cascadia Quest.”

There are many levels to this decision. We believe questers must step into a strongly held container of land, facilitation, and stability.  Given these times of great uncertainty and change, we no longer feel we can promise the strength of container required for people to entrust themselves to months of preparation and ceremony. We three women are in our 70s; the land is fragile and surrounded by fire scars; the vagaries of pandemic reality, climate change, travel restrictions call us to accept shift and closure.

Hike at Skalitude

In 2021, beginning the second year of the pandemic, we managed to host a small group of six in strength and beauty in the Skalitude valley. On the last night of solo, the Lookout Mountain wolf pack, of all ages, ran in the shadows from one end of the valley to the other and serenaded each other and us for nearly an hour. Now we see the rise and fall of their song as their rightful homecoming, a blessing and farewell. Their gift will echo in us for the rest of our lives.

  • We give profound thanks to the land, the sacred mountain, the far peaks, the forest, the meadow.
  • We give thanks to all creatures from the bees, to birds, to bear, cougar, and wolf who made space for us and accompanied us over all these years.
  • We give thanks to the Methow people, traditional holders of this territory. And we thank Lindsay Swope who tended us the first eight years, and Benjamin Pixie and Maeyoka Brightheart who are the current stewards of Skalitude.
  • We give thanks for each courageous person who traveled to this place from across the US and Canada, Germany, Great Britain, Slovenia, Australia, seeking a vision of wholeness for themselves and our world and with their presence and prayers, honored this land.

We grieve. We let go. It is finished in beauty. Let it be so. May all continue seeking. May all find a path and a story through the maze of change.


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