Mentoring Sessions with Ann Linnea

Life Transitions and Integration:

Ann understands how to work with the questions, transitions, and spiritual shifts that people encounter at different life junctures. She is a firm believer in the sustaining value of rites of passage, retreat times, and wilderness learning. Ann is a wise counselor who invites people to embark confidently into the important questions of their lives and to translate the metaphors of nature.

Ann can help you design rites of passage for yourself, children, parents, organizational or community events. She is available during the preparation and integration phase of wilderness quest work. This mentoring is based on her book, Deep Water Passage, A Spiritual Journey at Mid-life.

Nature as Teacher

Ann’s soul lives at the wild edge. She is a true daughter of nature and steward of the natural world. At a time when many people are realizing their need to bond with the outdoors, Ann can reintroduce you to nature and guide you through direct experience and metaphor into your own reconnection. She is a great mentor to teachers, parents, and grandparents wanting to build nature confidence in the next generation. This mentoring is based on her books, Teaching Kids to Love the Earth and Keepers of the Trees.

Ann’s educational background:

B.S. Botany, Iowa State University, 1971, honors
M.A.T. in Education, University of Idaho, 1972
Elementary certification, Utah State University, 1974
Rites of Passage Guide
Wilderness First Responder since 1997

nature-annmentoringAffiliations and Memberships:

Wilderness Guides Council
Washington Water Trails Association
Whidbey Camano Land Trust
Whidbey Audubon Society
National Resources Defense Council
The Circle Way
Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter
Collective Wisdom Initiative

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