Nature, Nurture, and Stewardship

Nature is the ultimate host.


Much of our PeerSpirit work focuses on helping people have important conversations. Yet, we know that our human conversations must also take into account the needs of nature. Nature has a seat in all our work and is especially emphasized in our wilderness quest and nature writing workshop.

“I have devoted my life to taking people into the wild with me,
guiding them safely through nature adventures that
change their way of being in the mechanized world.”
Keepers of the Trees, a Guide to Re-Greening North America
by Ann Linnea

Time in the natural world is key to keeping alive our own sense of wonder. It enhances our powers of observation and reflection. And it can offer guidance for our own life situation.

We offer two seminars that emphasize nature immersion:

1)   the seven day Cascadia Wilderness Quest

  • Questers spend 2-1/2 days preparing for a 48 hour solo fast
  • During preparation, housing is in an off-the-grid, earth-bermed dorm at Skalitude Retreat Center.
  • Questing takes place on the beautiful, eastern Washington lands of the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.
  • The final 1-1/2 days of story sharing is focused at Skalitude.

2)   the day-long Writing Nature’s Wisdom

  • Combines writing and gentle forays on Whidbey Island
  • Venue site is rotated between state parks and private retreats

Ann is also available as a mentor for those who wish to prepare for, integrate, or deepen the lessons from nature.

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