Each in their own fields, and together in the practice of circle, Christina and Ann are widely respected lineage carriers.

Christina is a founder of the personal writing movement;
Ann is a life-long advocate of wilderness education;
Together they designed The Circle Way as a modern methodology.

Now they are eager to transmit their skills and knowledge to others, and to increase capacity in all who study with them.

CB&journalsAnn with hiking poles


Ann and Christina provide one-on-one distance mentoring for people to explore writing projects, spirituality, life transitions, and  relationship with nature.

They are available by telephone or Skype, arranged on a convenient schedule.

Fees are charged on hourly rate or monthly retainer. Contact us to learn more.

Principles of Engagement for Mentoring
•    Confidentiality, curiosity, and discernment in listening and speaking,
•    Guiding through questioning and discovery of your own authentic path,
•    Exercises between sessions combined with practical steps toward fulfillment of a larger goal.