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I have just arrived home from a 10,000+ mile journey to carry our circle work further into Europe. We were royally hosted by our Belgium, German, and Austrian friends as we worked together to offer numerous workshops and gatherings that ultimately were attended by circle carriers from 14 European countries. It was an extraordinary journey. I will write more about it later.

Today I am simply happy to be home on this lovely piece of earth we are privileged to care for. During the month of my October absence, the garden was doing its steadfast thing.

broccoli in Ann's garden Broccoli and brussel sprouts were not ready to harvest when I left. Now they are pouring forth their vegetables. The carrots are now thick and sweet.

brussel sprouts

brussel sprouts




The carefully planted green cover crop was only seeds in the ground when I left. Now it is ready to be turned over to add its nutrients to the soil.

cover crop

cover crop

Being gone such a long time, I return home to endless piles of mail, unreturned phone calls, and office details. They can wait. For now I rejoice in the miracle that is the earth—patiently offering its abundance, if we stop to notice.

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  1. Jeanne Petrick
    Jeanne Petrick says:

    Welcome back to your home and most of all to your garden (of plenty!). Your desk can wait as the earth nourishes you after your journey afar. My hope is that you will give yourself permission to take all the time that you need. Again, welcome!

  2. Dani Evans
    Dani Evans says:

    How wonderful to come home from sitting in the bounty of circle with new friends to the bounty of a beautiful garden! Welcome home, Ann! I look forward to hearing about your circle work in Europe.


  3. Laura
    Laura says:

    Welcome home – I am a week behind you after traveling for 6 weeks and I can’t wait to return to the NW and whatever our garden has waiting for us.

  4. Anke von Wiecken
    Anke von Wiecken says:

    Welcome home Ann!
    So lovely to read this and feel you being so at home on the ground and in the green. Thank you again for the deep experiences in our Eifel-Circle on the Beuerhof!


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