Calling the Circle:
The First and Future Culture

by Christina Baldwin

Calling the Circle: The First and Future Culture has served as the foundation for PeerSpirit’s Circle work since its first publication in the mid-1990s. Often referred to as “the essential reference” on modern circle process, this original presentation of PeerSpirit Circle Practice is a classic that stands the test of application and broad global readership.

The book grounds the universality of circles past and present and brings this lineage into modern application. It teaches readers the essential infrastructure to call the circle at home, at work, and in community settings. Circle work is a dynamic and expanding field: Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea’s dedication to this foundational form for collaborative conversation has led to their newest book (see also) The Circle Way – A Leader in Every Chair.

For more information about Circle Way trainings, practitioners, and Circle Way resources (videos, downloadable handouts, booklets, etc.), please visit The Circle website.

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