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The Twins

The doe and her two twin fawns are regular visitors in our yard this summer. The other day I had returned from kayaking and left the kayak in the back yard to dry off—not its usual resting place. Ten minutes later I had changed clothes and gone into our office in the backyard to complete […]

I Must Do Something

On May 16, I joined hundreds of Seattle kayakers protesting the presence of Shell Oil’s Arctic drilling rig, the Polar Pioneer. It was in our port to be retrofitted for drilling in Alaska’s Chukchi Sea—a place that is only navigable about four months of the year. Named after the native peoples living on the Siberian […]

An Inside View of Seattle’s Kayak Protest

The scene at West Seattle’s Alki Beach was chaotic in a friendly sort of way. Hundreds of kayakers were moving their multi-colored boats across the cobble shore for launching. Someone yelled out, “Everyone please gather over here.” A young woman explained the flow of the morning. “We will follow the Native canoes into the water. […]

Hawkeye and the Peregrine Falcon

Our two-week camping excursion in the desert southwest with our 10-year-old grandson, Jaden, was extraordinary. He brought a freshness of perspective, an eagerness of spirit, and keenness of eyes and ears. One chilly morning in the middle of our trip, he woke us out of a sound tent sleep at 6:30 a.m. “Maga, Nina, listen!” […]

Preparing is Part of the Fun

This spring break we are taking our 10-year-old grandson on his first ever camping, road trip. On a recent trip to Los Angeles, where Jaden lives, we spent a Sunday afternoon shopping at REI to get the kind of gear an LA boy does not normally need—headlamp, hiking boots, long underwear, rain gear. It was […]

You Never Know

All of my outdoor life I have “been prepared”—carried my ten essentials, and then some. Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_Essentials has an excellent article on the importance of bringing extra gear to handle the inevitable surprises that wilderness travel presents to the backcountry wayfarer. On a recent ski trip my years of traveling with the “ten essentials plus” […]

We love our Tree

We live in a bioregion that grows conifer trees—lots and lots of them. Christmas tree farms are a big business here—a kind of agricultural product. So, it feels completely natural to make the acquisition of our annual Christmas tree an outing to a tree farm.   Our local tree farm has been in the same […]

One Year Later

When a beloved dies, the veil between the worlds grows thin. We have all heard some version of this. My experience is that this is true. The year since my son died unexpectedly of complications from a line-of-duty accident has been blessed with some profound an inexplicable occurrences. Last week taking a solo moonlit walk […]

Leaving a Legacy

On November 11, 2014 I honored the first anniversary of my father’s death by spending most of the day outdoors either hiking or gardening—great loves he passed on to me. He was a man who left his wife, 4 daughters, grandchildren, and great grandchildren a strong legacy of determination, loyalty, hard work, and tradition.   […]

Home to the Garden

I have just arrived home from a 10,000+ mile journey to carry our circle work further into Europe. We were royally hosted by our Belgium, German, and Austrian friends as we worked together to offer numerous workshops and gatherings that ultimately were attended by circle carriers from 14 European countries. It was an extraordinary journey. […]