Giving Away Grace

Giving Away Grace

Posted this ad on our local Drewslist (our local equivalent of Craigslist) this week:

Free: Aquaterra KAYAK

Grace: a stable, trusty paddle.

Paddles, spray skirt included.

Grace, the kayak that traversed 1800 miles along the shore of Lake Superior in 1992

This 17- foot, rudderless Aquaterra plastic sea kayak with paddle,
cockpit cover, and spray skirt to the person with the right story!

In this boat I kayaked 1800 miles around Lake Superior in 1992. We moved to Whidbey in 1994 and she’s enjoyed many pleasant hours in Puget Sound. As you can see, she is well cared for. But she weighs 65 pounds and when I kayak these days I find myself always opting for my lighter weight boat. Since she has a remarkable story, she needs to go to someone who really wants her. Also included, my story of that journey: Deep Water Passage, A Spiritual Journey at Mid-Life.

Please donate something to Drew. We do.

Ann Linnea 7/06/2021

The emails of interest began pouring in. In the next several days 19 people expressed an interest. Their stories were many and varied: “Need a kayak for my daughter so she can join our adventures. My husband would never buy himself something, and he works so hard. I would love a kayak for my wife and I take really good care of gear. I’d like to do longer paddling trips in the San Juan Islands. . . .”

On July 10 a young father from nearby Oak Harbor arrived with his 7 and 4-year-old sons with many adventuring tales and a firm commitment to tending old gear. He skillfully loaded the boat onto his sedan. As I handed him an autographed copy of Deep Water Passage, he shared that he has aspirations to write his own book. We shook hands and off he went.

Young father and sons ready to claim their new sea kayak

Grace loaded and ready to go to her new home

Here is the response I sent to each person who inquired about the boat:

Thank you for your inquiry about my Aquaterra Sea Kayak. Some of you shared stories about why you would like this 32-year-old kayak that carried me around Lake Superior in 1992. In the true spirit of Drewslist, I lined you up in the order of receiving your emails. This afternoon a young family in Oak Harbor with an excellent story loaded her up and took her into her next life. They were the first people to inquire about the boat.

Fellow paddlers on the sea of life, be well, keep your paddle in the water, and keep adventuring always!

See you on the water,

Ann Linnea


My greatest joy at this time in my life is empowering the next generation(s)!