PeerSpirit Newsletter – The Owl and the Tree
May 2017


Dear Friends of PeerSpirit,

Christina and Ann will be heading back to Germany this fall! This month’s newsletter explains why they’re going, and what their hopes are for the trip.

Why we are going back to Europe…

by Christina Baldwin and Ann Linnea 

It’s finally spring on Whidbey Island… the garden is growing, community social life is full of interesting events, and we are still, day by day, being active citizens. We have more to do than we can possibly do – and are still wrestling with how to slow ourselves to “the pace of guidance.” In the midst of this, we are each determined to hold onto time to pursue our passions for wilderness and writing (at least they both begin with “w”!). When friends invite us for dinner – we tell them we can’t until the end of May, or the end of June. When someone asks, “how’s retirement?” – well, we’re not exactly there yet.

So, why are we going back to Europe in September? 

For three years we nurtured a transition to carefully turn over the training and teaching of our life work, PeerSpirit/The Circle Way, to its next generation of practitioners. There is now a US-based nonprofit entity with a Canadian/U.S. board that shows itself to the world as This Internet portal is the hosting site for educating new arrivals, providing videos, booklets, and a growing list of colleagues and trainings. The nonprofit is held by a dynamic core circle (board) that works independently from PeerSpirit and our writing seminars and wilderness quests.

It has always been the intent and dream of the nonprofit to have global reach and be able to mutually support circle facilitation and hosting work that was seeded by the two of us, and others, around the world.

The European event,  the Global Circle Way Fire Gathering (September 20 – 24), was ignited by our German friends, Holger Scholz and Roswitha Vesper, to call people throughout Europe and beyond to a deep dive into a community to support one another and the growth of this work internationally.

From left – Christina, her father Leo Baldwin, Holger Scholtz, Roswitha Vesper, Sarah MacDougall, Katharine Weinmann & Gracie (photo by Ann Linnea)

Holger and Roswitha visited us on Whidbey in April to lay out a welcoming design. We were able to have a planning meeting that included hosting team member, Katharine Weinmann from Edmonton, Alberta, and a chance for everyone to meet with The Circle Way board. We are attending as founding elders, eager to participate in how the work is evolving, and dedicated to staying in a relationship of support for emerging innovations. This is a chance for a community of practice to be in conversation with itself. We are excited to be part of the dialogue.

The third day of the gathering will be open to people who want to join the conversation but who cannot attend the full four days, and folks who represent other streams of circle and council practice. Like a tree producing more than one apple, the lineage of circle is showing up with several variations to support us in the modern world, and we want to support a sense of collaboration.

Please join us if you can for the whole gathering or for the Saturday expansion: you need to register for either track. Mark this in your calendars and hold us in good thoughts. Let Holger and Roswitha know if you want to register or remain on a list-serve of harvesting results, ideas, and new directions.

We will head home to our “w’s” – wilderness & writing – and continue our explorations of what the world needs next of our lives.